My Life as an Escort in Bayswater, London

A happy childhood eluded me as I grew up. My parents passed on when I was 8 years old, and I raised by my stepfather. Life wants easy as my stepfather was abusive, and this made me run from home when I was a teenager. Things didn’t get any easier despite running away from the place I knew as home.

At the age of 19, during my college times, I met with Mike, a humble man who welcomed me to his life with open arms. He offered to pay up my college fee and would spoil me once in a while. However, coming from an abusive family, I never felt safe staying alone with a man around me. Nonetheless, Mike always assured me that he meant no harm and would do everything in his power to protect me. Immediately after college, he surprised me when he proposed to marry me.

At this point, I wasn’t ready to make any commitment. When I rejected his advances, he always fumed. And the guy I knew as my protector turned out to be a monster. In numerous occasions, he tried to abuse me. The last time he tried his advances, and I rejected him, it turned into physical abuse, and this is the time I decided to walk out of his life.

With no place to go to, I felt the world crumbling upon me. It was hard to believe what was happening in my life. For once, I thought revenge was the only thing I needed in my life. One of the afternoons as I was walking through Bayswater, I came across an advert for call girls. One of the local London escort agency was looking for ladies who were up for the challenge. At this time, I evaluated my odds and decided to pick up the job as this would help get some money and as well help me overcome my adversaries.

My first job was with a 42-year-old who booked me up for an exclusive night for $300 for an hour. That was the most I ever earned in my life. After our first date, he said that he liked my service and promised to keep me in the loop whenever he needed my services. When I got into my cab back home, I shed tears of shame but vowed that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to get some few bucks just entertaining men, plus I wanted to turn my adversaries and fears into making money.

James, my first client, became a regular client, and occasionally, he would recommend a threesome sex with one of his colleagues. There’s that give me pleasure like dealing with two men at the same time. I enjoy both oral and penetration and having one man doing the oral and the other one handling my honey pot has never been enjoyable as to what Mike introduced me. For over 3 years now, I have been an escort, I’ve never regretted even for a second. I have come to the realization love is a beautiful thing; however, sex without any attachment is out of this world. Even more, the thought of having groupie sex is all I crave for every time someone hooks me up. It’s my life, and it’s all I do.